Healing & Deep Relaxation

Explore our range of indulgent massage treatments
promoting well-being and relaxation.

The traditional Swedish massage is designed to ease muscle tension, fatigue and stress and promote a sense of well-being.

Rose oil massage

A total body treatment that enhances the body's ability to relax via a transformative rose oil massage.

MLD Therapy

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle massage that stimulates the lymphatic system and supports the immune system.


Deep Tissue Massage

Busy lifestyles can leave you feeling drained, stressed and tense and deep tissue massage harmonises your body.

Indian Head Massage

A form of massage from India that is ideal for people who suffer stress, tension, headaches and shoulder aches


Pregnancy Massage

A massage to ease the aches and pains of pregnancy, soothing tired back muscles and maintaining skin elasticity.

Spa services on the go, in the comfort of your home!

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