Language Lessons for Students 

Private lessons or semi-private intensive language classes. Fully customized to meet your personal language learning goals.

Learn The Language You Need For Your Student Life

Learning to speak target language while studying in Malawi can turn a great adventure into an unforgettable one. With Helpstars’ customized lessons, you’ll be able to develop deeper relationships with language professors and classmates, take language exams with confidence, and generally feel more tuned into targeted life!

Passing Language Exams​

Aiming to achieve a diploma in language studies? We can help you prepare for all official language exams, including IELTS, DELF, DALF, DILF, TCF and more. You will work intensively with our experienced teachers who are certified to give and correct the exam.

This intensive course is a practice run for the actual test, specifically designed to help you pass and graduate. We recommend taking a three-week course, which includes 15 formal lessons focusing on the modalities of the exams. Also included are three modules of actual tests corrected by your teacher, who will give you feedback and tips.

Our mission is your success.  Talk to us today to start designing your course.

One-On-One Language Lessons In Malawi

Whether you’d like a few individual lessons to brush up on basic skills, or develop a long-term language course focused on the terminology of your field of study, our experienced language tutors are committed to helping you achieve your linguistic goals.

Depending on your personal goals, our customized Lessons for Students in Malawi can help you:​

  • Confidently discuss topics relevant to your field of study

  • Prepare for job interviews

  • Feel more comfortable and self-assured when chatting with locals

  • Train for language exams, whether school or national exams (see below).

  • Understand and better navigate targeted life, customs and culture.

…and much more.

Not only do we design the exact course to help you achieve your personal language goals, the lessons take place entirely at your convenience. From sitting at your kitchen table, to our comfortable classrooms in the Lilongwe, your lessons take place whenever and wherever you’d like.

Micro-Group Intensive Language Classes​

Do you wish to be more comfortable speaking in social or group settings? Our micro-group intensive classes might be right for you.

Our micro-group classes intensely focus on the development of oral skills in social and practical environments. They are designed for students who want to improve their understanding and speaking abilities through interactive experiences. Class size is limited to a maximum of 6 students.

During class, you will quickly improve your communication skills in a variety of everyday situations. You will work on grammar and vocabulary on a given theme, as well as polish your pronunciation while doing real-life exercises. We use innovative education materials, including videos  to maximize your exposure to the language and help you progress efficiently and rapidly

Small Private Group Lessons (2-5 People)

Our small private group classes are perfect for colleagues, families, couples, and friends looking to learn together in an intimate setting. ​ We will help your group develop their business, social and industry specific language that you need.​ If your intended group has differing levels of your target, have no worries. We are experienced in handling the varied needs of everyone in the group whatever their backgrounds.

Accommodation Package For Students

Helpstars Malawi offers special accommodation packages for students: language lessons + homestay or short term rental. With this option, you have the opportunity to stay with a Chiwa family and get fully immersed in the Chichiwa language – which will no doubt speed your progress!

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