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Online and blended Language lessons

Whether you’re learning with us in Malawi or learning abroad, Helpstars can help. Our virtual classroom enables you to enjoy the teaching expertise of all the languages that we offer from anywhere in the world

Our online classes cover any topics for all levels, from beginners to advanced. We reproduce your learning environment with access to a whiteboard, videos, audios, webcam and chat.

You can also blend e-learning programs with your language lessons As You Like It virtual classroom classes or  in-person  lessons. Your teacher will follow your online progress and provide you with feedback an corrections. Feel free also to sign up to our blog/newsletter and receive tips and lessons to improve your target language.

Why not prepare for your trip to Malawi with some virtual classroom lessons? Once you’ve returned home, you can continue to make progress with us.  Contact us to get started!

For our virtual classroom classes you will require a computer and a good Internet connection, a webcam with microphone.

You can book your virtual classroom lessons with the below 10 and 20 French lesson packages or for other options and more information please contact us

Why Helpstars Malawi?

We provide a learning schedule that suits you. The Institute allows you to study at home or at work and achieve success in getting the job you want, the promotion you seek or the business that you aspire to establish without leaving your front door!


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