Language Lessons For Kids

Can learning a Language be fun? Absolutely… with Helpstars

Make Learning a Language Playful!

Forget about memorizing dull conjugations lists! With Helpstars, your children will learn to speak a language in a fun yet effective way: through games and entertaining activities specially designed to enhance their oral skills. The perfect complement to language classes at school, your children will have the rare opportunity to learn that language confidently.

Children’s Private Language Lessons In Malawi

Our private language lessons for children are perfectly tailored to meet your child’s language learning needs, based on his or her age, level and goals. Classes are taught by our upbeat and highly experienced language teachers, who are dedicated to making sure the kids grow increasingly skilled at speaking the target language and have great fun while doing so!

We work with a fantastic team of teachers, many of whom are specialized in teaching younger students (from 4 years old), gifted children or children who perform better with individual and kinder attention. Our children’s programs are both educational and playful – the teacher will use games, computer exercises, role-play, board games, photography and all kinds of fun activities.

We’ll come to your home, or your child can come to one of our classrooms. If you like, your child can even have lessons at their favorite spot: a museum, bustling market, park or while strolling through an interesting neighborhood. Our lessons are usually structured into two parts. The first is dedicated to grammar and exercises, the second is more playful/practical. The aim is to improve your child’s conversational skills and vocabulary.

Small Private Group French Lessons (2-5 People)

Our small private group classes are perfect for siblings looking to learn a language together. ​ We will help your children develop their language school work, social language skills and specific language that they need.​ If your children have differing levels of the target language, have no worries. We are experienced in handling the varied needs of everyone in the group whatever their needs.​

Intensive Micro Group Classes For Children

Children’s Intensive Micro-group classes take place every week, April through to September and during all major holiday periods. Monday through Friday.

They are divided according to age and ability level with a maximum of 6 children per class. Ages 4-5 learn new grammar and vocabulary through play, exercises, games, puzzles, and other manual activities. For age groups of 6-7, 8-10, and 11-15 our class format is structured in two parts. The first is dedicated to grammar and exercises using everyday themes and challenges; the second is more playful/practical and includes games, role-play and exercises to encourage oral expression. These classes run from beginner through advanced levels; the primary focus of this course is development of oral skills.

Oral comprehension and expression are developed using a wide variety of carefully selected audio tools, flash cards, role-play, etc. Our listening exercises enable students to sharpen their comprehension skills, improve their pronunciation and increase their ability to think in that language. If you wish, your children can take advantage of our afternoon activities of cooking classes, fashion or market tour. If your child is now a young adult and would like to study and work in Malawi, we can also organize an internship with a Malawian company based around their area of interest, be it fashion, communications, marketing, technology and many other areas.


…Whenever you like

For private lessons: 7 days a week between 7am- 9pm, weekends and public holidays included.

For Micro Group classes : April through September and during all major holiday periods. Monday through Friday, starting at 9.15am each morning and finishing at either 10:45pm or 12:45pm depending if you are taking Mid-morning or Full morning classes.

…Wherever you like

For private lessons : Your home, workplace or anywhere you wish in Malawi

For Micro Group classes : Your home, workplace or anywhere you wish in Malawi

… As often as you like

From a single private lesson to an ongoing program, we can accommodate you. You may also choose to create a program that combines one-on-one  lessons, virtual classroom, intensive weekly micro-group or with Activities. It’s up to you.

You may pay by, bank transfer or in cash at our offices in the Lilongwe.

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