Private Chichewa Lessons in Malawi

Chichewa Lessons Custom-Made to Fit Your Malawi Experience

One-On-One Lessons
Learning Chichewa is the perfect way to crown your Chichewa experience. Whether you’re looking for a fun introduction to the language, a handful of refresher lessons, daily total immersion, or a long-term course in Malawi, Helpstars Malawi is here to deliver the exact course you seek.
Private Tutoring: Flexible And Personalized

Our private Chichewa lessons in Malawi : provide the perfect opportunity to learn Chichewa in a manner that best suits your personality, learning style and linguistic goals.

We fully customize each Chichewa lesson to suit the individual student’s needs and objectives. With our highly experienced Chichewa native teachers, you can learn to express yourself with ease, confidently discuss topics relevant to your life, work on overcoming specific weaknesses, and much more – all while going at your perfect pace.

Students, expatriates, professionals, tourists and families, take a look at our individual pages to learn more about the valuable benefits you can gain by taking our Private Chichewa lessons in Malawi. There are no standardized textbook lessons here: only Chichewa…as you like it.

You can also expect ultimate flexibility when it comes to scheduling your private lesson. A fixed time each week, intensive half or full-day private sessions, or ad-hoc lessons. It’s up to you. You can also take private Chichewa lessons wherever you like, be it your home, the office, one of our offices in area 3.

It’s your lesson; it’s your choice. Our only mission is to help you achieve your language learning goals as efficiently and with as much enjoyment as possible.

Small Private Group Chichewa Lessons (2-5 People)
Micro-Group Intensive Chichewa Classes​

Prefer to take lessons in an intimate group setting? We’ve got that covered too.

Our micro-group intensive Chichewa lessons for Expats in Malawi focus on the development of oral skills in social and practical environments. They are designed for students who want to improve their understanding and speaking abilities through interactive experiences.

During class, you will rapidly improve your communication skills in a variety of everyday situations.


You will work on grammar and vocabulary on a given theme, as well as polish your pronunciation while doing real-life exercises. We use innovative education materials, including videos to maximize your exposure to the language and help you progress efficiently and rapidly.

Class size is limited to a maximum of 6 students. You can create a small group class with family members, fellow expats or colleagues, or we can put one together for you. Differing levels of Chichewa in the group is not of concern. We are skilled at handling the varied linguistic needs of each individual in the group while making the class a beneficial experience for all.

Additional Services 

Helpstars Malawi staff is fluent English and we offer administrative services as needed. We can help you with translating Chichewa forms, documents, applications, resumes and other writings.

How It Works
…Whenever you like

For private lessons: 7 days a week between 7am- 9pm, weekends and public holidays included.

For Micro Group classes : Monday through Friday, starting at 9.15am each morning and finishing at either 10:45pm or 12:45pm depending if you are taking Mid-morning or Full morning classes.

…Wherever you like

For private lessons : Your home, workplace, a HM office room or anywhere you wish in Lilongwe.

For Micro Group classes : Your home, workplace, a HM office room or anywhere you wish in Lilongwe.

… As often as you like

From a single week of classes to an ongoing program, we can accommodate you. You may also choose to create a program that combines both one-on-one French lessons and intensive weekly micro-group. It’s up to you.

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